Iphone 14 Pro Max Ram 6 gb-256 gb-Purple

SKU Code: VU005188


Iphone 14 Pro Max Ram 6 gb-256 gb-Purple

SKU Code: VU005188

Iphone 14 Pro Max Mobile Phone , 2-sim Card , screen 6.7 inch , storage 256 gb , ram 6 gb , battery 4323 mAh - color Purple

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Condition: Used

storage :
256 gb

ram :
6 gb

color :

Accessories: USBOriginal Box

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    All used mobile phones sold by verified vendors are covered by MobileMasr 30-day warranty and return policy. All vendors must provide the original box of the phone with the accessories that are clearly mentioned with every listing. Every device must be tested and checked by MobileMasr and a full report is issued on the condition of the phone with high quality pictures and a short video uploaded with every listing. When making a purchase, we recommend that you take the time to review the device’s diagnostic report and all pictures and video provided for the device.

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    If you are buying from a Private seller, we recommend that you take the time to inspect the phone before proceeding with your purchase. The diagnostic report provided by MobileMasr on these devices is there to assist you in inspecting the device and should not be construed as any form of warranty by MobileMasr on such devices. If you proceed with your purchase, MobileMasr will avail various payment options to choose from.

    Upon completion of the transaction in the presence of the seller, it's your responsibility as the buyer to collect the phone directly from the seller and the transaction will be concluded. Kindly note that transactions with private sellers are not eligible for any kind of full or partial refund. Once a transaction is successful, MobileMasr through its patented technology will issue an electronic contract between buyer and seller covering the transaction to ensure that your possession of the device is legal.

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