1- Introduction:

  • MobiTech Integrated Solutions Co. Ltd. operates an e-commerce platform consisting of a website and a mobile application "marketplace" with supporting logistics and payment services for buying and selling used and new mobile phones ("MobileMasr") in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • These general terms and conditions apply to sellers, buyers, and users of the MobileMasr platform and regulate your use of the MobileMasr platform and any related services. 
  • By using the MobileMasr platform, you agree to these general terms and conditions in full.

2- Registration and Account:

  • You are not allowed to register on the MobileMasr platform if you are under 18 years old, and therefore you acknowledge that you are over this age (when using MobileMasr Store).
  • You can register to create an account on the MobileMasr by completing the registration form and submitting it to the MobileMasr platform.
  • You acknowledge and guarantee that all information provided in the registration form is complete and accurate.
  • If you register to open an account on the MobileMasr platform, an email address/user name and password will be requested, and you agree to the following:
  • - Keep your password confidential.
  • - Notify MobileMasr platform immediately through the methods indicated on the website in case your password is disclosed.
  • - Agree to use the account yourself, and it is not permissible to transfer that account to any third party, and you will be responsible if you authorize any third party to manage your account.
  • MobileMasr platform may, at its absolute discretion and without prior notice or reason, suspend or cancel your account, and/or modify account information.
  • You can cancel your account on the MobileMasr platform by contacting us through customer service or by sending an email through the website.

3- Sales Terms and Conditions:

  • You acknowledge and agree to the following:
  • The Mobile Store Egypt is an e-commerce website for sellers to display and sell used mobile phones and for buyers to purchase these products.
  • The sale is at the same price as listed in the product list.
  • The delivery fees should be paid by the buyer only.
  • The products must be of a quality that satisfies the buyer and be suitable and safe for any specific purpose described in the listed product description, and they must match all physical specifications according to the seller's product description on the MobileMasr platform.
  • The seller warrants that they has the right to sell the products, that he is the legal owner and sole beneficiary of the products, and that the products are not subject to any rights or restrictions from third parties, including third-party intellectual property rights and/or the existence of criminal proceedings or financial insolvency or investigations or tax procedures.

4- Product Returns and Refunds:

  • Product return processes are managed by buyers and the acceptance of returned products is managed by the seller through MobileMasr platform in accordance with the Returns page on the MobileMasr platform, which may be amended from time to time. Acceptance of the returned product is subject to MobileMasr’s discretion and is subject to the applicable laws in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Refunds for returned products are managed in accordance with the Refunds page on the MobileMasr platform, which may be amended from time to time. MobileMasr 's rules for refunded amounts apply according to MobileMasr 's discretion, taking into account the applicable laws in the region. MobileMasr platform may offer refunds for returned products.

5- Payments:

  • Payments due under these general terms and conditions are made in accordance with the payment information and guidance on the MobileMasr platform website and the payment options available in your personal account.

6- Content Rules:

  • Your content and MobileMasr platform use of this content must be accurate, complete, and truthful in accordance with these general terms and conditions.
  • Your content must be appropriate, civilized, and tasteful, in line with generally accepted standards of conduct and behavior online, and must not:
  • Be offensive, indecent, inappropriate, pornographic, vulgar, or sexual; or depict violence in an explicit or graphic or unjustified manner.
  • Incite to violate laws related to racism, religion, hatred, or discrimination.
  • Be deceptive, fraudulent, threatening, harassing, or hostile to society or incite hatred or discrimination or contain incitement content.
  • Be content that is likely to cause unnecessary annoyance, irritation, or anxiety to any person or is random and unwanted.
  • You agree not to use the website to link to any website or web page that contains content that would violate these general terms and conditions if it were published on MobileMasr platform.
  • You agree not to display any content on MobileMasr platform that is subject to any legal action or any similar complaint from any third party.
  • MobileMasr platform has the right to periodically review your content and remove any content according to its discretion for any reason.
  • You must immediately notify MobileMasr platform if you discover any illegal content or activity on the MobileMasr platform website or any content or activity that violates these general terms and conditions, by contacting MobileMasr platform through the numbers provided on the website.


7- Use of the Website and Mobile Applications:

  • Using the MobileMasr platform in any way or taking any action that may or may cause damage to the website, or impede its performance, accessibility, integrity, or security.
  • Using the MobileMasr platform in any unethical, illegal, fraudulent, harmful manner, or in connection with any illegal or fraudulent activity.
  • Hacking or manipulating the MobileMasr platform.
  • Investigating, testing or examining the website without permission from MobileMasr platform.
  • Circumventing any authentication or protection systems on our website or related to it.
  • Using the MobileMasr platform to copy, store, host, transmit, send, use, publish, or distribute any content that consists of (or related to) any spyware, computer virus, Trojan horse, worm, keystroke logger, rootkit, or other harmful computer programs.
  • Imposing an unreasonable amount of load on MobileMasr platform’s resources (including bandwidth, storage capacity, and processing capacity).
  • Decrypting any communications sent to or from our website without permission from MobileMasr platform.
  • Performing any regular or automated data collection activities (including, but not limited to, scraping, mining, extraction, and data gathering) on our website or in connection with the website without our express written consent.
  • Accessing the MobileMasr platform or interacting with it using any robot, spider, or other automated means, except for the purpose of search engine indexing.
  • Using our website only through our public interface.
  • Using data collected from the MobileMasr platform for any direct marketing activities (including, but not limited to, email marketing, SMS marketing, phone marketing, and direct mail).
  • Doing anything that conflict with the normal use of the MobileMasr platform.

8- Copyright and Trademark Rights:

  • Subject to the explicit provisions of these general terms and conditions:
  • MobiTech Integrated Solutions and its licensors own all copyright and other intellectual property rights in the MobileMasr platform and all the content on the website; and all copyright and other intellectual property rights in the MobileMasr platform and the content on the website are reserved.
  • All MobileMasr logos and other registered and unregistered trademarks are trademarks owned solely by MobiTech Integrated Solutions; and MobiTech Integrated Solutions does not allow the use of these trademarks, and their use is considered a violation of MobileMasr’s rights.
  • Trademarks of other parties, whether registered or unregistered on the MobileMasr platform, are the property of their respective owners, and MobileMasr does not guarantee or have any connection with the owners of the trademarks, and therefore Mobile Tech Solutions is not authorized to grant any licenses for these trademarks.

9- Data Privacy and Confidentiality:

  • Sellers agree to the processing of their personal data in accordance with the MobileMasr Privacy and Cookie Notice.
  • MobiTech Integrated Solutions processes all personal data obtained through the MobileMasr platform and related services in accordance with the Privacy and Cookie Notice and Privacy Policy.
  • Sellers are solely responsible for any misuse of buyers' personal data and MobiTech Integrated Solutions shall not be held responsible for any misuse of buyers' personal data.

10- Due Diligence and Review Rights:

  • When registering your store as an authorized seller on the MobileMasr platform, you undertake and commit to providing all official information and documents related to your business activity, while considering the necessity of informing us through the website of any official change that may occur in the status of your activity. This includes, for example, changing your business address or the name of the manager responsible for your products and activity on the MobileMasr platform.