Shipping and Delivery Policy:

  • The product details and information are included in the shipping AWB (Air Way Bill) attached to the shipment along with the required payment to be made to the shipping company representative.

  • The delivery will be made to the address specified during the purchase process on your MobileMasr account, and it is not possible to change the address with the shipping company during the delivery process.

  • Your signature or that of your representative on the delivery notification or shipping AWB at the selected address is considered receipt of the shipment.

  • The shipping company representative is not responsible for any requests to cancel the shipment during the delivery process. Therefore, if you wish to cancel the shipment or return a product after receiving it, you must submit a request through your personal account on the MobileMasr website or contact customer service through the website.

  • You have the right to refuse the delivery from the shipping company representative if the outer envelope is opened, with a guarantee of a full refund of the amount paid.